Friday, August 31, 2012

Look what I found.

I have a smattering of knock-out rose bushes right off my deck. They start at the bottom of the deck stairs. Guess what likes to hang out on my roses, right at waist level, at the bottom of my stairs?

Creepy, but beautiful at the same time. And that's really saying something. I'm VERY afraid of spiders. I have to admit, however, that this one is full of such vibrant color and detail. Even I can appriciate it's appearance.

As long as it doesn't touch me.


At all.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Your local library.

Have you been to your local library lately? It's something to think about. Consider the following...

It's free.

It's a clean, bright, happy place to take your kids.

There are all sorts of programs, story hours, and events geared toward youngsters. We enjoyed the "Touch a Truck" and "Reptile Wrangler" events at our local spot this summer. What little kid wouldn't want to sit in a fire truck or see animals up close?

Or maybe you need to escape from your kiddos. Maybe you're pulling your hair out, wishing for a bit of quiet time. Why not load up your thermos with your home brewed coffee and head to the library rather than paying out the wazoo to read at the local coffee shop? (Not that I'm against coffee shops. I worked at such a place in college. The smell, and the music, and the PASTRY. Delightful. However, it is a bit nuts if you're on a strict budget or unemployed/underemployed.)

Free internet.

TONS of magazines. You probably subscribe to your favorites, but why not peruse something new? Why buy the magazine on a whim in the checkout line, when in reality you will only have interest in reading one or two articles? Take a gander at the average cost of a magazine at the grocery. You may assume it's only a dollar or two, but most are between 4 and 6 bucks. Some are even more! Is finding out Brad and Angelina's latest baby acquisition or reading about the latest beauty gimmick worth all that? For example, I love InStyle magazine. In contrast, many fashion mags are quite pricey and are 75% ads. I'd rather subscribe to InStyle (subscriptions are cheap!) and check out the competitors at the library.

There are DVDs and audiobooks galore. You can even check out ebooks for your ipad or reading device. Your local library is likely much more modern than you think.

Folks there are so darn happy to see you. Before the economy took a dive, libraries were pretty lonely places. With the current economy, it seems that we are all rediscovering what has been there all along. No one is happier about that than your local librarian.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Italian Bronze ~ Secret Garden Collection.

One of my favorite collections from the new fall line is the Secret Garden collection. I love all of the Italian bronze pieces. If you're new to the metal in jewelry making, let me fill you in. Bronze is a keepsake metal, and shares many of the same properties as sterling silver. Like sterling, it can develop a patina over time, and can be easily polished back to it's original color and luster with a clean polishing cloth. No chemicals needed. Learn more about the individual pieces in the video below, featuring Blythe Harris, our Cheif Creative Officer with Stella & Dot.

Friday, August 17, 2012

If you're a Casper...

I'm really pale. When I'm all made up, I don't look quite as blue pale, but I am. I have two drugstore staples that I love. Both by Revlon. First is Revlon Bellini gloss. Part of the Color Burst collection.

It's not showy, but it warms up the purpley tone to my lips. I don't usually wear a lot of color on my lips, much to my best friend's annoyance. This gloss feels good, is very natural, and doesn't smell.

I like to wear a stronger eye look, and it lasts so much longer than anything on your lips. I don't care what the branding says, the longer a lip product lasts on your lips, the weirder it tends to feel. I'm a Carmex fan. A Lip Smacker fan. However, I look much better if I can tone down that cool color on my lips. This gloss does it.

That's not to say that I never wear lipstick. I certainly do. But it's more of a Sunday for church kinda thing.

The second product, recently shared on my FB page, is Sheer Petal nail polish. Makes your nails look perfect. Lightens any staining or yellow tinge to your nails, but isn't opaque or odd looking on pale skin. Pictures below.

(Please excuse my hair, I've been cleaning house and taking care of someone with a tummy ache.) Also, sorry about the floating head look in these phone pics. Not sure what's going on there...

Rigatoni Cake

Earlier this week, my Mom kept the boys while I headed south for a photo shoot. I had the pleasure of coming home to Rigatoni cake. It's a Martha recipe, see link below. Tip from Mom, go heavy on the sauce...

Saturday, August 4, 2012