Friday, April 12, 2013

Cure for fuzzies on woven fabric.

I have a woven couch. It has seen...better days. Wanna see it get a two minute facelift?

Cheap comb, meet my woven couch.

Or inner theigh of sweat pants.

You know what I mean...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ready for spring!

I love zinnias. They bloom for up to six months in my region, are draught tolerant, and are simple to start indoors.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Dermalogica Review and

   I've always had oily skin.  Even after having my kiddos.  As long as I stayed on top of it, breakouts were minor and folks complimented my "complexion" here and there.   Time passes.  Every so slowly I begin to notice that my skin gets dry patches now and then.  And my eye area gets parched.  Do I now have "normal" skin?  Enter the onslaught of new product samples.  I also had a friend, sweetie that she is, sign me up for birchbox for a few months as a birthday gift.  Nothing was really thrilling me.  It either blocked pores, or made my eye area look worse, or made me tear up/itch/peel. 

   I decided to poke around a familiar blog, looking at old videos, in search of something new to try.  I'm a fan of Lisa Eldridge and her blog/youtube channel.  She has combination skin, and has made multiple videos about the skin care products that she likes to use.  They were posted long before I found her blog and channel, so I was unaware.  While I've only tried one of her recommended products, I do love it.  The sun shone down as the clouds parted, and I found a cleanser that didn't do bad things to my face AND actually made a positive difference.

   It's called Skin Resurfacing Cleanser.  I bought it at a great price from about a month ago.  I noticed a huge difference in how my skin felt right after the first use.  Lisa says it's all about the lactic acid in the products.  I have no idea, but it made sense when she chatted about it and it certainly works well for me.  My skin is much smoother, and it's gradually lightening old pink spots from blemishes through the years.  I have sensitive super pale skin and this product doesn't overdo it for me.  A little goes a long way.  I've used it for over a month and am only about 1/4 through the bottle. 

   I use it every night, after removing my makeup with Purity cleanser.  It's super cheap and gentle, found at your nearest Walmart or through the link above.   If you're in a similar boat, and need to try something new for your combo/normal skin, you might give this a try.  If you order through the What Great Skin site, they also give you tons of samples to try when requested.  This is not a sponsored post in any way, just sharing about a great product that works well for me.